Sperm in the vagina

Extracellular signal-regulated kinases modulate capacitation of human spermatozoa. Gamete and zygote transport. The nonciliated columnar epithelial cells secrete mucin granules, and the ciliated cells propel the cervical mucus from the crypt of origination toward the external cervicalos. It is well understood that a myriad of complex steps occur between the time of ejaculation and the union of the haploid number of chromosomes from each partner that results in the final process of fertilization. Mammalian sperm capacitation and fertilization in vitro:

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Sperm in the vagina
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Tesarik J, Flechon J: Obstet Gynecol Clin North Am It is a heterogeneous fluid with both high- and low-viscosity components.

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Sperm in the vagina
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This environment is much more hospitable to spermatozoa than the acidic pH of the vagina. Mechanisms of filtration of morphologically abnormal human sperm by cervical mucus. Besides hormonal factors, physical processes, such as shearing, stretching, and compression can alter the spaces between molecules and, consequently, orientation of the mucin filaments.

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Sperm in the vagina
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